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  • The Secret of Long Life: Ikaria
    Departure to Ikaria I had heard good stories about İkaria for many years and finally I set out to visit. There is no direct passage from Turkish ports to Ikaria which is one of the Greek islands near Turkish mainland. Therefore, some detailed planning is required. But it is not very difficult; because, thanks to our neighbor there are frequent, comfortable and economical ferry services between the islands at an optimum schedule. The easiest jump to Ikaria is from the island of Samos; Kuşadası port is the closest to it from the Turkish side. I had bought a ferry ticket … Read more
  • The Beaches of Dilek Peninsula National Park
    Dilek Peninsula… First of all, precise information: The national park, located at the last point where Dilek Mountain reaches the Aegean Sea, within the borders of Aydın province. It has an area of 27,675 hectares. 10,985 hectares of this area belong to Dilek Peninsula, which was declared a National Park on 19.05.1966, and 16,690 hectares to Büyük Menderes Delta, which was declared a National Park in 1994. The Dilek Peninsula section of the National Park, opposite the Greek island of Samos, is the last point of the Samsun Mountains extending towards the Aegean Sea. The highest point of the peninsula, … Read more
  • Delta of Büyük Menderes & Karina
    Down the village… Our village – Eski Doğanbey – overlooks one of the most spectacular deltas of both the past and the present: the Büyük Menderes Delta. The gigantic gulf where the fertile waters of the Büyük Menderes River now meet the Aegean in divided channels. It is bounded on the north by the Dilek Peninsula, the Mykele (Dilek or Samsun Mountains) and the Dilek Peninsula National Park, in which the village is located. On the south side, there is Akköy village and then the summer resorts that reach Didim after the tip of the peninsula.  The ancient wisdom of … Read more
  • My Acquired Hometown: Eski Doğanbey
    The Hometown Issue… My acquired  hometown: this is the personal meaning of Old Doğanbey Village for me. Because, like many other people living in this part of the world, I am a nomad. I was not born here, my parents are not from here. In fact, I did not grow up here… Or rather, my childhood was not here; but this land has been home to my heart. I did not go to school here, but here I read the great novels that left traces on my heart. I did not fall in love here, but I cried out many … Read more