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I started to write years and years ago… First to diary books with fancy pens, then to calendars with pencils, and then to other colored lines. I drop some sentences here without saying why.


After an extraordinary teacher and an ordinary grade school; I graduated from Üsküdar American Academy for Girls and MSÜ – Architecture. In 2001 I co-founded KOMA Architecture with Serdar Okumuş. In 2008 KOMA merged with 5 dakika and became an experience design service company. In 2014, we started started making 3D printed mechanical hands for children with hand deformation who don’t have access to prosthetics in Robotel Türkiye. We also volunteered in the Maker Community. In 2017, Robotel became an NGO and the Maker projects turned into a social entrepreneurship business. We made programs on 21.Century & technology skills with Maker Çocuk & Maker Atölye. Today, I continue working as a part of the executive team in the Robotel Association and in the UAA Alumni Association. I transfer my expertise and experience in multidimensional & multidisciplinary projects as a speaker, consultant, trainer & mentor; and I collect & share stories. I define myself as a modern day witch who is curious about things & their stories, a civil society addict & a social entrepreneurship fan.